Rick Dailey

My work explores the pathways in which memory and mediation affect our identity.

Through sculpture, photography, video, and installation my work primarily investigates the preoccupation males have with securing their legacy through the totalitarian implementation of rigid masculine ideals. Themes of competition, aggression, war, systems of power, domination, submission, sexuality, and gender often enter into the conversations I have with my work as I explore my own identity. My practice incorporates the manipulation of found objects and fabrication of objects, environments, and experiences that echoes historical and contemporary biases. I use absurdity, humor, nostalgia, and my knowledge of materials to draw awareness to the precarious nature of maleness and its influences. In doing so, I create situations that allow me to look outside of historical context and reflect upon conditions that govern my own relationship with objects, place, time, and perception. I hope viewers can use my explorations as a tool to reveal their own identities and release themselves from the confines of absolutism.